SJRHOA Membership Poll of Top Concerns

1) Weeds and Algae

2) Pollution

3) Discharge of Firearms too Close to Homes

4) Hazard Marking

5) Unfair Property Assessments

1) Weeds and algae were particularly ubiquitous this last summer leaving some wondering if it may be a permanent trend. Those of us in stiller water or mild eddys, were most affected. In order to learn more about the problem, we hope to have a speaker in March who will will educate us as to the nature of weed growth and what can be done about it.

In addition, the Indiana Lakes Management Society (ILMS) will host a conference on Friday, March 28th and Saturday, March 29th, 2008 at the Ramada Plaza, Warsaw, Indiana. The concerns of the Society have everthing to do with lake management in Indiana. My wife and I attended last years conference on Monroe Lake and found it well worth the conference fee. Click on ILMS to view their web site. Anyone wishing to attend will be able to find a registration form on their web site.

2) We have all seen the obvious pollution in the manner of cans, boxes, chairs, tires, barrells, etc. But the more ominous pollution, that is unseen, may be worse. What is still escaping the Elkhart? What is coming from farm lands upstream Baugo? How contaminated is the runoff from our own properties? The number one issue, weeds and algae, is very closely tied to the answer to these questions.

3) The "Discharge of firearms too close to homes" is now in committee downstate as House Bill No. 1194. It is the expressed view of this association that doing away with hunting or guns is not the goal. We simple seek a more civilized and same use of firearms. House Bill No. 1194 as authored by Representative Graig Fry is a very reasonable approach to solving this problem. While not every member (because of location) is affected by this problem, your support of this bill is essential. At this point, it is legal for hunters to discharge a firearm at your shoreline as long as they are in the water. Considering the close proximity of many of our home to the water, it is an obvious danger.

4) Hazard Marking has been brought up a number of times. Each spring, the hazards may be found in different locations than the year before. So it has been suggested that a "hazzard marking posse" assemble each spring with the goal of marking the new hazards. Anyone wishing to volunteer for this endeavor, please contact one of the board members.

5) I am somewhat surprised that the tax issue was not the No. 1 issue. Even thought the Govenor is proposing some releif, a committee should be formed to discuss the possible actions we may pursue to reduce the enormous tax burden of living on the river. Please contact any board member with your suggestions.

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